E-Waste Materials Recovery Facility or MRF Transfer Stations Special Waste Disposal

Special Waste Disposal

Special waste is any waste material which, because of its physical, chemical or biological characteristics requires special handling procedures, or poses an unusual threat to the environment, equipment, property, or the public health, welfare and safety.

All special waste, including creosote treated railroad ties and wood, will be required to have a special waste permit in order to drop it off at one of our locations or have it hauled from your site. There is no charge for a permit.

Please see the permit form and instructions below. (click image to open)
Or call West Vancouver Materials Recovery Center at 360-737-1727 or Central Transfer and Recycling at 360-256-8482.

Special Waste Permit Instructions
Special Waste Permit

Asbestos Information

Planning a DIY project, repair or remodel? See important information below regarding Asbestos precautions.

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